Book this service today if you have engaged our team previously and purchased either an ‘All Inclusive’ or a ‘First Inspection’ package and that inspection was non-compliant.
  • Form 23 (If Compliant)

  • Comprehensive Inspection Report

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If you have engaged our team to carry out either a Preliminary Inspection or a First Inspection and that inspection was non-compliant, we understand the importance of rectifying any issues promptly and obtaining you with a Form 23 – Certificate of Pool & Spa Barrier Compliance (if compliant) as soon as possible. That’s why we offer a re-inspection service at a discounted rate to assess the pool/spa safety barrier again.

During the re-inspection, our registered, insured and highly trained building inspectors meticulously review any previous non-compliances to ensure they have been appropriately addressed. If the works are found to be compliant during this inspection, a Form 23 – Certificate of Pool & Spa Barrier Compliance will be issued.

However, if the re-inspection still identifies non-compliances, a Form 24 – Certificate of Pool & Spa Barrier Non-Compliance will be issued. We have an obligation once a Form 24 is issued, that it must be forwarded to the Local Council and appropriate action may be undertaken by Council if not addressed.

*This service can only be offered or accepted if we have previously visited your property within the last 67 days and cannot be accepted first. You must either pick the package of ‘All Inclusive or First Inspection’ prior to booking this inspection*.

The services below include the following but are not limited to:

  • Follow-up pool/spa safety barrier inspection to review the rectification works carried out and ensure that the pool/spa safety barrier now meets the applicable Australian Standards.
  • If the pool/spa safety barrier is compliant, a Form 23 will be issued within 48 hours.
  • Travel may be limited with this service.