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The Process

Pool Safety Barrier Inspections

Once your swimming pool or spa has been registered with your local Council, you will need to arrange an inspection with the team at ‘Precision Consultants & Inspections’ of your pool/spa safety barrier to determine if it is compliant with the applicable barrier standard.


Self-Assessment Checklists

To assist you in preparing for your inspection, the Victorian Building Authority (VBA) has compiled a series of pool and spa safety barrier self-assessment checklists.

Use the relevant checklist to make sure check your barrier meets the relevant Pool and Spa Safety Standard requirements for its date of installation to try and mitigate the need for repeat visits or non-compliance.


Certificate of Barrier Compliance

If we determine that your safety barrier complies with the applicable barrier standard, we will issue you a Form 23 – Certificate of Pool and Spa Barrier Compliance.

As the owner of the land with the pool or spa, you are required to lodge the completed Form 23 with your local Council. You must do this within 30 days of receiving the Form 23. Please contact your local Council for more information on the above mentioned.

Once the inspection has been deemed compliant by the building inspector, a Form 23 will be issued. It is the owner’s responsibility and their obligation to lodge the Form 23 to their local Council to fulfil their legal obligations.

When the relevant Council receives the Form 23, they will send you a written notice letter, which confirms:

  • The date the certificate was lodged; and
  • The date by which the next certificate is required to be lodged, which is 4 years after the previous certificate.

You will need to pay a fee to the Council when you lodge the Form 23.

Furthermore, Owner’s are required to obtain a new Form 23 every 4 years. Don’t worry, our friendly team will send you a reminder when your next inspection is coming up.


Non-Compliant Barriers

If your pool or spa safety barrier is found to be non-compliant, we will issue you with either:

  • A Form 24 – Certificate of Pool & Spa Barrier Non-Compliance; or
  • Issue you a detailed written inspection report specifying:
    • The matters which must be addressed to bring the pool barrier into compliance with the applicable barrier standard; and
    • The period in which the barrier must be made compliant (within a maximum of 60 days); and
    • The date and time agreed for re-inspect of the barrier.

After a re-inspection has been carried, if we determine that the pool or spa barrier is compliant, we will issue a Form 23, which you must then lodge with the relevant Council.

If the barrier remains non-compliant, but we are satisfied that progress has been made towards bringing the barrier into compliance, we may allow you an additional 7 days to rectify the safety barrier. Otherwise, we will issue you with a Form 24.

If we issue a Form 24, we will lodge it with your relevant Council and provide you with a copy. Council will then take further action as deemed appropriate by them.


What happens next?

When the Council receives the Form 24, the Municipal Building Surveyor will issue you with either:

  • A Form 25 – Barrier Improvement Notice, or
  • A Form 11 – Building Notice or Form 12 – Building Order under the Building Act 1993 (if the Municipal Building Surveyor considers that this is appropriate, depending on the nature of the non-compliance).


Did you know you could receive fines up to $1,849.20 if you do not comply?
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